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  3. How NASA has preserved Apollo moon rocks for 50 years | Science News

They provide a window into the interior of the moon, and could answer fundamental questions about how our nearest neighbor evolved. Kees Welten, a scientist at the University of California, Berkeley, and his team will study a core collected by Harrison Schmitt and Gene Cernan, the Apollo 17 astronauts, in order to better gauge the impact history of the moon.

That can be used as a proxy for other planets in the solar system including Earth whose craters long-ago disappeared. Barnes and her colleagues will analyze four rocks collected from the same site where Apollo 17 landed. Chemically, the samples are very similar to one another — except one was chilled to degrees Celsius within a month of return. It has remained in cold storage ever since.

But scientists are unsure whether freezing the samples is a better storage method than keeping samples at ambient laboratory temperatures. By comparing the chilled sample with the room-temperature samples, the team will be able to assess the frozen curation technique for the first time. Barnes said. Those missions include a Japanese spacecraft, Hayabusa2, which currently is collecting samples from the Ryugu asteroid ; an American spacecraft, Osiris-Rex, which will collect samples from the Bennu asteroid ; and future missions to the moon and Mars.

Shearer on another team, said that preparing for future missions to the moon makes it important to open the lunar samples now. Neal said. That was made possible in , when scientists discovered that the moon was not bone dry, but contained water.

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R.E.M. - Man On The Moon (Official Music Video)

Venus puts on variety show among its cloud tops Sep 20, Sep 18, User comments. Jun 16, Operation Moon Rock President Richard Nixon gave moon rocks collected by Apollo 11 and Apollo 17 astronauts to countries around the world and the 50 US states as a token of American goodwill This well intentioned goodwill gesture could have not been further from the truth This web of intrigue deceit assassinations Moon rock lost in fires Bogus moon rock Sold eternally to unsuspecting gullible souls Who upon realising they'd been duped sold it to another gullible soul For this greatest market of Moonchine fakery are back Back for more Moonchine In this secrecy of this darkside To excavate more of this Moonchine elixir of life These Moonchinerians crave For whether real Or whether fake Its elixir of life is just as strong as this fakery placebo effect p.

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Report Block. This is the eternal legacy of mankind, that men are subject to temptations; deceit; thievery; ill will towards their fellow man; disregard for such as Moon rocks as though they were cheap trinkets and easily gotten; and a lack of understanding and appreciation for the scientific aspects of Moon rocks and other artifacts from other Solar System bodies. How similar are humans to animals fighting over a piece of raw meat. Perhaps in the next 4 years of the Trump administration, the newest "samples return" of Moon rocks will not be used for bearing gifts to both friend and potential foe, but to keep the Moon rocks safe and secure in fireproof vaults for further study by bona fide geologists.

One can only hope.

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You two are dumber than the actual moon rocks. Or did you just feel inclined to say something - ANYthing just to be able to say something? RME if either of you idiots thought the matter through? You would forbid any exploration of the Moon. Jun 17, SIX you fool, six landings. Physorg comments is where rrwillsj turns to in order to make irrelevant and childish mental molestations instead of talking science and not only because the topic is handy.

I strongly believe that rrwillsj is a patient at some out-of-the-way mental institution, and is allowed to use computers as therapy for whichever mental problem he or she suffers from.


How else can it be that this person cannot go into a physorg phorum without debasing it with insulting language directed at those who are discussing the topic? The Moon landings were not faked, as we all saw the astronauts coming back from the Moon after every manned mission. And what are 'beanie babies'? Physorg comments is where rrwillsj turns to in order to make irrelevant and childish mental molestations haha you even make your fellow loonies sick. Sorta reminds me of How similar are humans to animals fighting over a piece of raw meat -right? You're kinda similar to a human, but not quite Jun 20, Sign in.

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How NASA has preserved Apollo moon rocks for 50 years | Science News

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