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Routine can be a blessing right now. Keep doing that, then do a little more. Life with depression sucks, but other people have their problems, too. You can make it through. Pain makes everything feel darker. Pain makes doing simple tasks harder. Just get through a few more days, then a few more.

Do what you can. It does get better. I feel really depressed beyond to the point that all I can do is look around and I feel the gaze in my green eyes are cold, every room I walk into and breathe feels empty, soulless. How can anyone live like this? I wonder… How can I live like this? Could anyone handle living my life right now? What would the end be like? D and yet, be seen as dumb.

He yells, argues, abrasive and rude and his meltdown has often unwittingly caused me to undergo psychological and mental abuse and he talks over me like I have nothing ever important to say. My mother has stubborn OCD, and my dad has had a heart-attack and all he can do is sit back and try to passively keep the peace. I want to run and never look back. I want to forget. I want to run for the same reason that I drive around in the countryside aimlessly alone.

All alone. Just run away and keep running until nobody knows who I am anymore. I even fight the temptation of thought that an accident is all I need to seek peace. At least… nobody on Earth has any power to bring me down anymore because I am my own worst enemy and I just grow colder as time passes. It feels dull. It feels like people dont want to know you, but you sometimes get so annoyed at people sometimes for no reason you dont want to know them, so you shut off.

Its empty, and staring into space becomes normal, I guess you get lost in your thoughts, numb to anything around you. You feel like you have forgotten what it was like to actually be truly happy. I recently resurfaced from a walk in the dark, i started to care about myself again. Before that i was just passing time waiting to die, i had no strength to do what i think is right.

If i had to describe that which i think unlocked the door, it would be that now i see myself in all of the others and i see the others in all of myself, i dont believe in bad people anymore. For i always have wanted to meet myself — i willingly engage others now. I hope you can hear my message — Nihil humani mihi alienum — let us walk together.

Silence is a friend but at the same time an enemy. My housework and laundry continues to pile around me, causing me to feel more worthless and more overwhelmed and less likely to ever get out of this hole I am in…which in turn makes me feel worse. Depression comes in waves for me, and it is awful when I think I am climbing out of the hole with the help of the Doctor and new meds, and the suddenly slip right back into deep depression again.

Such feeling of failure, uselessness, discouragement, lack of will to go on. Emotional low. I just feel kind of down all the time. My life feels meaningless. I feel dissatisfied all the time. I am either very irritable, or numb. I been extremely depressed for the last three days. I been on the verge of crying.

Like nobody cares. Worthless and forgotten. My stomach turns every time I think about the stuff that hurts. Like a endless funk. I over sleep. I have not been diagnosed, or even seen a doctor or therapist, but I constantly feel like I am drowning and no one and nothing can save me. I truly hate mostly everything about myself. I try to see what others see when they compliment me, but all I see is a shadow of I who I used to be. I constantly wonder why people still talk to me.

Why people care. I fight myself and my dark thoughts every waking moment. The only relief I feel is sleep, when I get sleep. My family counts on me for everything, and it seems like that pressure that I once could withstand is now overbearing. The edge keeps getting closer and closer, and my thoughts and pain never stop. I wonder where the brave and happy go lucky girl has gone. Loss of memory and concentration, loss of touch with others, fatigue, loneliness, anxiety, everything that people say has no subsistence, like perspectives nor summarizing on anything makes any sense anymore, inability to start conversation, social phobias.

No soul, like nothing brings gratification or happiness anymore. No Emotion. Are we individuals just wired to a new perspective? Good Luck and i wish you all the very best, as good shall prevail out of this hideous mess. With love and gratitude,that does not seem or feel to exist.

I need hip replacements. All I do is limp around in pain with the bones grinding together. Sorry to be so graphic. I had a perforated bowel this year and had to get a colostomy bag. My mom died last year, my hubby divorced me last year, I was robbed while in the hospital. I have 2 adult girls who are very busy with their own lives who would be devastated forever if I ended this all. I get irritated easily, no patience, sense of urgency. Lay awake till about 4 am every night.

Nothing legitimate for me to worry about that I know of but my brain wont stop. Cry often for no apparent reason, scared. I would like to thank everyone on here for posting anonymously what my daughter cannot say to me in person. I may never understand depression from from a first-hand experience, but I do understand it hurts. As much as it may seem to annoy your family or friends, you are hurting far worse than they are. Speak to a counselor, find a mental health advocate to speak for you, get involved in a support group, something so that you can talk to those who do understand depression from your point of view.

Yes, you are suffering, but you do not have to suffer alone. Love you all dearly. Somehow, I kind of enjoy all this suffering and sadness, like I want it to happen. I wish that someone did though. I just want to know that someone, just someone out there who really cares for me, and loves me. The thing that I want is just so simple — a friend.

What Is an Infatuation?

When my depression comes I compare myself to people and distort things- as if they are so wonderful and normal, and I envy them, I wish we could switch minds and lives so I would know what is like to live without depression. It feels like I have concrete blocks on my feet at the bottom of a ocean trying to swim towards the surface.

I feel completely alone even though I have people who say they love me and are here for me. I have to put up with all the anxious thoughts of strangers on the bus judging me or the other girls in my school hating me for nothing.


9 Ways to Cure Your Own Depression | Psychology Today

Life has no purpose. I would never commit suicide. But I feel without hope and do not want to even get out of bed each day. Why am I here again? I hate meds tho. Depression is death itself. When you make it out, and you can — do not forgive the bastards who watched you die — they are a product of a system geared toward the collective Collectivism, Statism borg of useful idiots. You will make it. Navigate the waters form left to right, up to down and sideways and eventually you will make it. I feel the same like everyone else have described here.

I feel like drowning every time I breathe. I feel confused about what to do in my life now. Any little problem that arises, I get so anxious and worried so fast and suddenly my mind just stops to functioning and so does my body. I can not move, I can not speak and feel paralysed. I get upset for no apparent reason, and when I am alone I start crying. I want to break things and cry out loud and scream at everyone just so they know how I feel inside.

But they just can not see through the face I make, its calm when I am with people but inside I am literally screaming and screaming. I used to be jolly, witty, playful and enjoyed everything that came in my life. But now I am not the same person anymore. I hate talking to people and even if I want to I feel awkward and my heart beats faster and faster and I think I will die. I day dream of dying or getting sick, just in case people will feel some kind of affection for me.

My best friend said its normal for our age and my mother says to worship GOD, but how is this a solution? I feel hopeless and feel like even if I say something people will ignore me so its better to stay quiet. I feel just packing some of my belongings and run away far from everyone and every problem, go somewhere full of tress and mountains and spent the rest of my life there.

There are so many things juggled in my head right now and I want to write all the stuff but I can not even utter the words, those words reach my mind but not my mouth. I feel this kind of emptyness… Some weight on my chest at all times, although I do some times get… very happy for no apparent reason and feel like on top of the world, yet the next day i will be sad… well not sad…. I have said yes to every bullet point. Nobody has taken me seriously so far, so I retreat further into my own head, which makes daily life a growing challenge. Not 2 days ago I cracked and voiced how I always feel wrong about myself and everything I do and everything I see, and finally said how much of an unoriginal failure I feel I am sometimes.

Nothing happened then either. Am I wrong again? Maybe it was just a really mild depression, maybe it was another kind of thing, but it wore off. Things gotta get better!!! No choice. Or else ill never find hapiness…Why am I writing this down instead of talking about it? Im happy he thinks were great! For some reason. I think. Ill lose him… everyone always leaves at some point. But the tiniest things can really hurt you… So I got in a fight with my older brother because he was drunk or high or maybe even a mix of both. I know to this day he might not have meant it. But in the worst times it haunts you.

Its at the back of your head waiting to destroy you. And get you in your worst damn times. He told me everyone will eventually leave me. As they still have been. And that ill amount to nothing in life… I have a man that has no inttentions of leaving me and I have a good job and… I still think… Im miserable? Im not miserable per say… I know I should be happy because I have so much going on. I try and stay positive but … its so hard. The man I love is miles away hoaping to finally one day be with him.

I need him. We both need each other. And maybe just maybe when we do ill be happier. Aesthetically hes not the hottest man there. In fact not very attracted to his looks but his personality Makes up for it. My elder brother said everyone will leave me if I keep being a worry wart like my mom. And its scaring me.

Anxiety, Fear, and Depression

Because I am slowly progressing to be like her wether I want to or not. I hate myself for being mean to my man when he deserves to be treated well. I hate it that I overreact to everything. I just want to be better at… all of this. I want so desperately to be happy that im hurting myself mentally when I should be happy. Im never satisfied with what I have.

I am tired of it. I want to be happy. I really want to be relieved and just live my life happilly with the ones I love and not have a care in the world. I try to stay positive. I know im better than he will ever be. And my life is actually great! I feel your pain, I am in the same place, at 73 been married for over 50 years to a man who does not understand depression, when I first got it I was 22 and had my daughter my husbands mother said I was not fit to have a child as I had left her at home with my neighbour who was a nurse, those words have never left me and now I see my husaband to be hardline her.

I feel disconnected from everyone. Everyone wants something from in every aspect, money, emotional suuport, bills, comfort, work deadlines that mean nothing except to the person who wants it. I feel all the points that you have mentioned in your article. I really dont know what to do. Plus it has a lot of physical side effects too. You may have headaches, body aches, restlessness and insomnia. The symptoms become more and more obvious, like lack of motivation, urge to cry at any time, heavy feeling on your chest, anxiety-caused insomnia etc.

There can be no reason for it. Honestly there may be suicide thoughts, urge to sleep forever etc, and worrying too much about the weirdest things, which more often than not procrastination. Stuff like that. And you are always tired and lethargic, mostly tired of life and daily activities. You have no hope for life and find life utterly meaningless. I think you think a lot during that time and have a lot of mental and life revelations, and that may be why all the famous works are done when the creators are depressed… I feel like I can write a book from depression already, haha.

My life is not by my choice and if i had to choose i would rather die. I wish no one else feels the same pain. My god, there is no answer to what it feels like. We place our words here, but it bites and chews and tears what might remain of a soul we never deserved. Of course,this is only me speaking these words. I have come across this site maybe by accident. Not only have two young, seemingly innocent, black men been murdered by police officers in the past few days — but now 5 police officers have been killed overnight.

I am Canadian, Toronto. Madness aside? I doubt that, I digress. My sister, brother in law. A holiday for two teachers, their children, an accountant and an engineer. Hard earned and deserved time away. I will put all of my madness aside until they are all safely home. But, in my madness, I will disappear for awhile. In my own indifference to any organised religion, I will pray for their safe return home.

Praying as well for these many souls caught up in such egregious actions. I am taking a selfish break for what morsels of sanity and what may be left of myself. Death claws and rips with a fervour constantly and I know I take it with me always. I have had depression for about a year now, i also have pretty bad anxiety. I feel like my mind is deteriorating, like there is a cloud over my thoughts and nothing seems like real life anymore. I space out a lot and when i do something awkward i stress on it. I cant do this anymore. I want to just die. HATE working and its the quietest my business has been in 4 years.

People would advice you to be colder.. To change yourself to be selfishly happy. But then if that change makes you even more unhappy.. Even when you try to be cold. We are all wired differently. I think we should just deal with who we are and try to understand ourselves and create our own happy cave with the people who really matter. You know.. Apathy, rather, should be. I feel like everyday is just a dream. I started Prozac 4 days ago but it seems to be making my depression worse.

I just wished I could fix this feeling without taking medication. I feel like my entire family is slowly stopping caring about me because I am just an unmotivated Debbie downer loser. Depression is causing me to have no interest in life or anything and I feel completely fake when doing anything. In the past I used to laugh for spouts of ten to twenty minutes at a time and it was great.

I feel inferior and frustrated and just tense. Depression is a powerful succubus and it takes a lot to even remember to bathe or brush my teeth or do normal things. I am uneducated, uninteresting, and just not worth it. Depression hurts. I always thought things like difficult to smile, difficulty on expressing etc are part of my personality.

I had depression since a long time ago but i have just found out these are the symptoms too. Everything is definitely in slow motion for me. Even as I type this, I feel as though my fingers are heavy or moving slowly. I feel like I can never make solid decisions. No amount of sleep is enough. Life is a dichotomy of frenetic energy and mental vegetation.

But how I feel, I feel like the line separating the surface from the bottom, just moving and being pushed around by the motion and energy of the life around it and whatever other external forces. I want to go peacefully to sleep, yet with the peace of the undersea and none of the other, and just have it silence my thoughts for… forever. A smile. Depression feels like its endless. It covers the light at the end of the tunnel and amplifies the moment of horrible feeling and thoughts. I feel trapped in my body and I am banging on the walls crying out for help, but no one hears me.

Actually, I am glad i am not heard, because I dont want others to know I am sad or make them feel what I do, so I feel alone and scared. I get help from a counselor and friends and feel revived like its gone forever, then its triggered again. I drown myself in school work in responsibility to show myself life is worth living and give my life meaning but I do not see my accomplishments no matter what I win.

Knowing that once in my life i could never picture myself in this situation, that I had it good. Sometimes, it all comes down on me, like a tremendous weight. I cry for no reason all the time — at a song on the radio, a show — and crying is actually very healthy. It feels as if everything wrong is the fault of mine and no one but I am the cause. Oh my god! I felt like crying and crying and crying for no real reason.

I feel desperate. I am even not sure if it is depression or not. I always try to stay calm whenever I feel like breaking things and whenever I try to do that, I cry. I am in tenth grade.

Aeon for Friends

I feel stressed and pressurised. I want to talk with someone. Oh plz I have started hating myself. I need help. Right now I an crying. For me depression always felt like a heavy weight on my chest, like I could never breathe quite right. It was unsettling and it only got worse from there. It started with me as a child and progressed into what it is today. When depressed, everything seems to be shaded in grey, even old, fond memories. The affects of depression are hard enough without people shaming you for being depressed in the first place.

When Depression Can’t Be Cured

I found this article after a long time. Its pretty much captured every single thing I feel. I never feel appreciated and am always down. I feel like i can not feel happy for me. I only feel sadness. I feel like i am supposed to be happy, but i rarely actually feel happy. People say that i look like i dont havea friend in the world, i feel like i dont but i do have very good friends. But i dont feel connected. Its is as if my feeling are totally disconnected from me.

I am never happyabout and for myself. Although i have every reason to be happy but i am not. This concerns me because i have a child and she is so happy. All the time too. And i dont get that. I also am genuinely happy for others, but i am not happy for mee. This i am going tochange today. I am going to reach out for help, because i believe i can be happy for me. I am encourage i am not alone in these feeling or lack of feeling that i feeli dont feel, that there is hope that i wont feel thisway always. Thank you all for sharing. I can highly relate to almost every bullet on this list, and it all makes sense now.

I had gone to the doctor three times now for my constant headaches that will never go away. They even took blood work and an MRI and told me nothing was wrong. Thank you so much. I always had some depression, but I always ignored it. I feel like a tent stake that got nailed into the ground with a pound hammer. Since that day nothing has felt real, and life is racing by. I cant sleep, or eat, everything feels dark, and I feel that Ill probably be dead soon too, either from cancer which is by no means diagnosed, just hypochondria or some other terminal illness. Not to mention no one cares to listen to me when I try to talk about it.

I need to talk to someone, but no one cares. She was all I had. Pure hatred. I enjoy violence greatly. I almost wish my pain was inflicted on everyone, but its not like I actually want to hurt anyone. Hi Mike, I am so sorry for your loss. To me it sounds like you are grieving as many of the signs of depression are similar to those experienced with grief. I wonder whether it would help you to see a bereavement counsellor to talk through how you feel.

It might be worth a try. I wish you love and future happiness. Work is something I know I need to do but really struggle to do. I go, but all I want to do all day is go home and I dont even know why. I loose count of how many times I wake in a night, and every time I feel worse than before I went to sleep. It feels like I have never felt it though I know I used to. I love my family, but I have no desire to talk to any of them.

I have no friends and feel like I prefer it that way. Social situations make me feel sick, and I hate being around other people. I feel like I have a hatred for people in general sometimes. I feel useless, like a complete failure. I have the potential, but I just cant seem to make things work. Life is just a blur. When I break down, I cry for about an hour, it my be short, but it is extremely intense.

It eats you apart, slowly and painfully. It tears apart friendships, rips apart families, and pulls you to shreds. You feel alone, but it goes much unnoticed. No one cares to empathize and no one shows understanding, because no one sees. We know we have nothing to be upset about.

Or rather, part of us knows. The fact of the matter is, we hold on to these feelings because regardless of how much we fight it we believe that even in a small way one or some of this is true. And because of that small bit of belief, we find ourselves traveling down a dark downhill stroll. That becomes a trip. Then a roll. Honestly, all we need is a little bit of an open eye.

To help us when we hit that first ledge. When our eyes turn down, and our hearts start to become heavy. And all we need is a hand to hold onto, to keep us from falling down that dark path. Fighting our triggers is our battle. But sometimes, we need help to keep standing before we completely lose our balance. I never really thought that I was depressed. I always thought I was just sad and going through normal emotions like everyone else I knew.

I thought that my problems were not so big and that no one really cared. I was just content with knowing that no one was worried about me or felt bad for me. I was always the one my friends came to when they had problems, I was the one who always had to be inbetween the fights they had. I am always trying to make peace. I never thought that I could talk to anyone about my feelings because I have kept them bottled up for so long, but I know that my friends care and my family does too.

I have tried three times to reach out for help from counsellors but no one seems to care enough about me to help. I come from a strong family, born to and raised by people who always wanted the best for me no matter what, so in that way I really lucked out.

When I was in my mid teens, and without even realizing it, I dealt with it with methods that I have read about on sites like these. I found things that made me feel good, and I did them. I found a sport I enjoyed, I nurtured the social aspects of my life and finally started to feel like I was who I wanted to be. But recent events being cheated on by the mother of my son, losing the ability to see him more than 2 weeks out of every month. And on top of that, being a 28 year old that had no choice but to move back in with his parents and not being able to find a job have brought it all back, and worse.

But finding this information has forced me to open my eyes, and shown me that there can be a light at the end of this tunnel if I choose to allow there to be one. Thank you. How do I help my adult daughter who is bipolar and refuses to be treated with meds or counseling she has three young children and a full time job. She fights with everyone cries all the time her life is chaos please help us. I thought my illness was gone away in when I felt so good after a change of life but it comes back stronger every time.

It is tiring fighting this demon especially at night when I cannot sleep. Doctors say to learn to cope with it but it is a constant battle with no end in sight. It really is a living hell…. My depression was a feeling of my body falling into an endless dark space. It also felt like I was falling off a cliff.

I hoped to feel better and go up. I thought time could really change me.. I always felt like i was a stupid, helpless person. And i know that my family and friends will be sad. Everything just feels meaningless and i myself feel souless. I have friends and family. I have a dog. I have everything that i need. But something is missing. I guess this is why i feel lonely even though i have friends. Everything feels surreal. The moment right after I wake up and I remember this feeling. But nothing tragic has happened. Everyday I want to not be anyone, but then I feel extremely lonely. I strongly feel like I do suffer from some stage of depression however.

I am constantly tired, even if I drink a ton of coffee. I find it very difficult to wake up in the morning, I usually pass this off as a normal human struggle but from seeing how other people react my opinion is changing. I feel heavy and sometimes I want to cry when I wake up. I stay in bed all day and isolate myself from the world.

I constantly put myself down about how people feel about me even though I know that sometimes I am the issue. I constantly feel alone and unliked by people. For example, I had to walk to the bus stop by myself and I called my friend and started to cry. Literally over nothing. Little things just get me very emotional. I get angry easily at my friends and family too. Is it normal to cry everyday? Am I depressed or am i crazy or am i just over exaggerating. My parents use my weight against me, when they are mad they put me down even if I feel more confident that day.

What do I do, am I depressed or am I crazy. Honestly, please tell me. I feel worthless. I feel like shit and I feel guilty. Never have. I have no social skills. I spend most of my time on a computer. Memories of my childhood are all that I have to hold onto now. Hi, no one will probably reply to this. But I feel so…dull. I dont care about anything anymore.

I skip interviews and just sit in my room. I dont even feel like crying anymore. I feel so weird. I dont want to get up in mornings. Depression… changes from day to day. Some are good, some are bad. A ghost, a really heavy ghost just floating around with me. I like myself. I have good body image. Everything feels melancholy and heavy.

I sleep too much or too little; I barely manage to eat one meal a day. Hell, they frustrate me — everything does now. It makes me not me, you know? Maybe it was something that scared you awake in the middle of the night, and until you woke up, your mind was under the impression that whatever you experienced in that nightmare was absolutely real. You felt relieved to find it was only a really bad dream, but you could still recall almost every one of those deep, dark, dreadful and intense emotions associated with that horrible dream.

Depression feels like this. You feel there is no escape. You are completely restrained. No one understands what you are going through. You have a second conscious; a dark side, like another person invading you that constantly brings you down, makes you pessimistic, anxious, sad and uninterested in leisurely activities you once enjoyed. It makes you cry for no reason at all. It takes control of you. You start to isolate yourself from the world. You develop anxiety over countless things that seem stupid to you.

Relationships are difficult to utterly impossible. I have had to be coaxed into realizing that the drama in my life was caused by depression. I had gone almost 12 years before finally getting help. Depression will affect everyone differently, though. I only speak from my point of view, and for me, depression has been quite struggle to sometimes believe I have it combined with trying to accept it as something I can never cure. On the plus side, depression is treatable and it is possible to once again feel like the person you once used to be.

Believe me, there are people in the world at this very moment who care about those that suffer. My closest sibling did this to me after years of dealing with how depression affected me. I have some symptoms and I am depressed some of the time only. I also cut myself during that time but rarely. Does that count as being depressed. So I guess seven years of pure hell, but I remember wanting to kill myself as far back as middle school. I typically feel like a walking curse every day.

I feel like I hurt or wound every person that gets close to me and that all I am is an embarassement to everyone. Pretty much everything on this list I hit and have dealt with or already deal with. My main focus is the very specific fear that my grandpa is going to die. He and my grandmother raised me, so I really have more of a strong connection with him and my grandma than I do with my actual parents.

This tortures me. They steal my hope and every positive emotion that I have. I want to hurt myself to have an excuse to cry constantly which I do but I can never bring myself to do it. So now I just drink at night until I either pass out on my floor or until I have no more desire to drink. I feel like no one understands what I feel like. Sometimes you feel like your nothing to anyone and have no reason to live. Everything around you seems like they want to get away from you too. The only time I feel relaxed is when it rains.

I think of rain as my home. When you have depression, you want your life to end…. I feel like there is no point in life and I just want to spend my days rotting away in my bed until I die. I have depression, BPD, bulimia,and social anxiety disorder. I had depression when I was 10 and that lasted for about 6 months maybe. Where there is life, there is hope. My depression started when I was a teenager. I went more than 40 years dealing with it the best I could,struggling to survive, raise children, do what was necessary, never understanding what was wrong with me.

I suffered from all those symptoms listed above. The only reason I am still alive is because after all that time I finally confided in a friend and she convinced me to take a medication. I was one of the lucky ones- the first one I took Viibryd worked. This depression is genetic in my family- my 25yo daughter also is affected, but has responded to the same drug. Prozac made her worse,St. The point is, there may be an answer.

Keep moving the best you can, take the steps you can, and always keep looking for answers- the looking helps keep hope alive. My life has been resurrected. I wish I could wrap my arms around each one of you and give you strength to keep on…. Well, I am 18 currently. Since I was in 7th grade to be exact. I could tell you my whole story and how I just now detected it, 2 weeks before my Knowledge 19 19th birthday.

I have been shown what that path would lead to…well for me eventually. I lived in my own hell, I think I know how I ended up there too.

Anyway, I have decided to turn my life around and I feel free. My depression started off slightly when my mother was diagnosed terminally ill with throat cancer, its been there ever since. I describe it as being in another world not caring anymore not doing or enjoying the things I once did. I struggle to switch off particularly for sleep. My mother passed away 10 months ago. I watched her take her last breath.

I have depression as well. I have trouble concentrating and getting up in the morning and I feel hopeless. On the verge of tears. Just some balance. It was when all my friends left me behind. I felt a little bit hopeless when the last friend walked away. Then the hopelessness began eating away at me. I began to feel lonely and empty. I was even crying on Christmas day, when things were supposed to be happy and hopeful.

When I discovered that something was wrong, I realized that everything felt as if it was slowing down. The only way to describe it is that I felt far from becoming happy again. What would set me off in public was when I saw people with their friends. One time, I was about to go to watch a show with the rest of my performing arts course. I saw everyone together, talking and laughing. I was the only one alone. I felt as if I was marooned on a desert island, yet people could see me and hear me but refuse to make an effort to rescue me.

I wish someone would have done something about it. Total strangers on the Internet even spoke to me about how I felt. I wanted to give up because everything felt so bland and pointless. I cant concentrate on anything anymore.

How to Quit Smoking Plan - 8 Steps to Quitting For Good

Im feeling more drained than i used to, i miss home. I feel like im alone and i dont know what to do. Its hard talking to people or when i do it doesnt make me feel any better. My mind gets off of it when i do morning exercises but you cant do that all day so my mind wonders back to the sadness. I dont even know whats wrong with me tbh inhonestly dont know why im so sad but i am. Im trying to get out of it really hard trying to focus but i just cant. It feels like its just getting worse. Back when I was first diagnosed, I frequently had these episodes where I would get voices in my head telling me that I was worthless and i should go kill myself.

However, I still get the voices in my head but have learned to ignore them through a counselor. There is physical pain that I have too. My back hurts a lot. It really sucks.. My friends come to me all the time with their problems and I listen and I actually like listening because I feel useful. Then they hang up and I feel empty. I have a full time and 3 part time jobs that I genuinelly like. My depression feels like I am constantly drowning underwater. I just want to go to sleep forever. I took Citalopram and after a few weeks I felt like I was floating on the water, still with no energy, but it was better.

The black cloud was lighter. After another few weeks I felt like I could swim through the water like an Olympian. I could think clearly and enjoy life. Am 66yr. Lost the love of my life last year at this time. Get rid of all of them. The smell of cigarettes is definitely a trigger, especially in the beginning. The first two weeks are critical for your success. If you can get though the first two weeks your chance of success is much higher. The first two weeks are all about distractions, keeping busy, and being good to yourself. Keep busy with fun, low stress activities and avoid high stress ones.

Quit smoking one day at a time. Don't think about quitting forever. That can be overwhelming. Deal with right now, and the days will start to add up. Be good to yourself. This is probably the most important and undervalued coping strategy in quitting smoking.

It is one of the most difficult things for anyone to do, especially someone with an addiction. You will think that you only deserve a reward once you have had a long stretch of not smoking. This is your opportunity to learn better coping strategies. How you can be good to yourself is different for everyone.

Pursue new ways of rewarding yourself the same way you pursued your addiction. You are learning new thinking patterns that will be helpful in the rest of your life. Don't try to diet while quitting smoking. Too much deprivation is bound to backfire.

Instead, try eating more fruits and vegetables. You probably tend to disqualify the positives and focus on the negatives. Reinforce your victories. Nicotine replacement therapy NRT helps reduce nicotine withdrawal symptoms that many smokers say is their main reason for not quitting.

Nicotine replacement therapy increases the rate of quitting by 50 to 70 percent 4. Nicotine replacement therapy is not a substitute for coping strategies. It deals with the physical addiction to nicotine, but does not deal with the behavioral or psychological addiction to smoking. So some sort of smoking cessation program and strategy is still important. Some people may not be able to use nicotine replacement therapy because of allergies or other conditions. You should always consult your physician when making decisions about your health. There are three broad categories of nicotine replacement therapy: nicotine that is absorbed through the skin, mouth, and airways.

Here are some important points to help you decide:. The nicotine patch is convenient because it provides long term relief from nicotine withdrawal, and you only have to think about it once a day. The nicotine patch is the most studied type of nicotine replacement therapy, and significantly increases your chances of success by 50 to 70 percent. Nicotine lozenges and nicotine gum provide short term relief from nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

They also help deal with oral cravings that a nicotine patch cannot. The most effective smoking cessation combination is a nicotine patch for long term relief, and nicotine lozenges for breakthrough carvings. The nicotine in lozenges and gum is absorbed through the inner surface of your mouth rather than through your stomach.

Food and drinks can affect how the nicotine is absorbed. Most people find nicotine lozenges easier to use than nicotine gum. Nicotine gum can stick to dental work. How do you use nicotine lozenges? Suck on a lozenge until it is fully dissolved, about 20 to 30 minutes. Do not bite or chew it like hard candy, and do not swallow it.

How do you use nicotine gum? Chew the gum slowly until you get a peppery taste or tingle in your mouth. Then hold it inside your cheek park it until the taste fades. Then chew it again to get the tingle back, and park it again. Nicotine inhalers and nasal sprays are the most fast acting of all nicotine replacement methods. But because they work so quickly they have a higher risk of becoming addictive. However, if they feel they need to continue using the product for longer in order to quit, it is safe to do so in most cases. In other words, follow the instructions, but it is reasonable to use the patch for up to 5 months, if you have the approval of your health care professional.

In my experience, most people relapse when they taper down too quickly from the full strength 21 mg patch to the 14 mg patch. Yes, if you use nicotine replacement therapy incorrectly. Speak to your health professional about the correct way to use it. If you experience any of these symptoms call your doctor. More serious symptoms of nicotine overdose or nicotine poisoning include:. Call Poison Control and get emergency help if you suspect nicotine overdose or nicotine poisoning. Nicotine replacement therapy is considered safe for smokers with a history of cardiovascular disease. It does not increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes in smokers with a history of cardiovascular disease.

There is not enough evidence to be absolutely sure that nicotine replacement therapy is safe for pregnant women. There are prescription drugs that can help you quit. Some can be used along with nicotine replacement therapy. Most have to be started before your planned quit day, and all need a prescription.

Zyban Wellbutrin, bupropion is a prescription antidepressant that was later discovered to reduce nicotine cravings and help people quit smoking. It does not contain nicotine. It acts on chemicals in the brain that cause nicotine cravings. Large scale studies have shown that Zyban is at least as effective as nicotine replacement therapy in smoking cessation.

Zyban works best if you start it 1 to 2 weeks before you quit smoking. The usual dosage is mg tablets once or twice per day. Your doctor may want to continue it for 8 to 12 weeks after you quit smoking to help reduce the chance of relapse. The most common side effects include : dry mouth, trouble sleeping, agitation, irritability, indigestion, and headaches.

Antidepressants may increase the risk of suicide in persons younger than When prescribed for smoking cessation, there have been four suicides per one million prescriptions and one case of suicidal ideation per ten thousand prescriptions. Combining Zyban and nicotine replacement therapy, is usually more effective than either treatment alone.

Zyban reduces cravings by working on brain chemistry, and nicotine replacement therapy works by gradually weaning your body off nicotine. Zyban combined with nicotine replacement therapy can slightly increase your blood pressure. Therefore monitoring of blood pressure is recommended in these cases.

Varenicline is a prescription medication that can reduce cravings and increase your chances of success. Chantix is a partial nicotine agonist. It partially stimulates the nicotine receptors in the brain so you get a mild effect as if you were smoking, but at the same time it blocks the receptors from giving the full effect of smoking. This lessens the pleasure you get from smoking, and reduces nicotine withdrawal. Chantix Champix, varenicline should be started a week before your quit day. Chantix Champix, varenicline significantly increases the risk of depressed mood, thoughts of suicide, and attempted suicide.

The findings for varenicline, render it unsuitable for first-line use in smoking cessation. One of the main concerns with electronic cigarettes is that they mimic the use of regular cigarettes. Studies have also shown that the vapor from electronic cigarettes has potentially harmful toxins.

Here are just a few smoking facts.