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The Best Classical Music Inspired By Shakespeare

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The module will be delivered through ten 2-hour sessions, made up of lectures, class discussions, small group work and debates. Class sessions will be supplemented by resources available to you via Learning Central.

Internet Shakespeare Editions

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The Best Classical Music Inspired By Shakespeare

You may find the following texts useful for their wider reading but a full reading list will be given by the tutor in the first class. Find out more about using these facilities. Our aim is access for all. Shakespeare's plays lend themselves to endless reinterpretation. In lesser hands, it could be an embarrassing exercise in cod-Elizabethanism, but Loudon Wainwright III brings the future Henry V to life with wit and feeling.

Readers recommend: songs about Shakespeare – results

Prince Hal and his dad had something of a love-hate relationship — rather like Loudon and his boy Rufus. Wainwright Jr's album Songs for Lulu features dense piano arrangements of three Shakespeare sonnets, but I've chosen an earlier attempt: When in Disgrace With Fortune and Men's Eyes Sonnet 29 has a strong claim on being the greatest love poem ever written, and it has a banjo in it. As someone who spent an unhealthy proportion of his late teens reading, studying and performing Shakespeare, I could relate to the couple in BA Robertson's To Be Or Not to Be , who'd rather "stay and praise Malvolio" than go to a disco.

But what would they make of Akala?

10 Great Shakespeare-Inspired Songs - Paste

The self-proclaimed black Shakespeare crams references to 25 plays and a whole host of quotations into the breathtakingly audacious four minutes of Comedy Tragedy History — probably the only hip-hop song where rivals are advised to "run like Pericles, Prince of Tyre". I could have chosen anything from Duke Ellington's wonderful suite of jazz poems inspired by Shakespearean characters, Such Sweet Thunder.

The same song gives us the phrases "sea change" and Rich and Strange.

This, proving irrefutably that our culture would be vastly diminished without the Bard's legacy, brings us to Cud and their biggest hit a No 24 smash in In Iago's Demise , Faith and the Muse address a quintet of Shakespearean heroines, with their "possible futures", "doting lovers" and "obvious endings". It's hauntingly beautiful, though heaven knows what it all has to do with the baddy from Othello.

His Shakespeare is sick of words and pissed off that a monkey has just typed out Hamlet, but at least he's got a guitar. Reading on a mobile?